Marketing Executive

Full Time
1 year ago

Duties include:


  • Responsible for preparation and execution of company strategic marketing plan, directly report to the General Manager China
  • 负责公司战略营销计划的制定和执行,直接向中国区总经理汇报


  • Social media management to promote corporate image and boost lead acquisition
  • 社交媒体管理,宣传企业形象,促进获取潜在客户


  • Plan and organize external events such as conferences, exhibitions, salons
  • 计划和组织外部活动,例如会议,展览,沙龙


  • Create engaging and attractive content including copywriting and visual design to grow the brand's footprint across multiple channels such as social media posts, comments, blog articles
  • 创建引人入胜且有吸引力的内容,包括文案写作和视觉设计,以在多个渠道(例如社交媒体帖子,评论,博客文章)上扩大品牌的影响力


  • Designing, implementing and reporting on the performance of online and offline marketing campaigns, e.g, social media campaigns, events and partnerships
  • 设计,实施和报告线上和线下营销活动(例如社交媒体活动,活动和合作合作伙伴关系)的成果,例如:社交媒体广告,活动和合作伙伴


  • Identify opportunities across different online channels and partnerships to support lead generation and conversion
  • 识别不同在线渠道和合作伙伴的机会,以支持潜在客户的产生和转化



  • Strong copywriting skills in both Chinese and English
  • 拥有较强的中英文文案撰写能力


  • Strong capabilities on problem solving and critical thinking
  • 拥有较强的问题解决能力和批判思维能力


  • Creative, curious, self-driven
  • 富有创造力,好奇心,自我驱动力


  • Deep knowledge of social medias
  • 对社交媒体的深入了解


  • Native speaker in Mandarin, fluent in English
  • 普通话为母语,英语流利


  • Experience in insurance or financial services is a plus
  • 有保险或金融行业经验者优先


  • Video making and editing skills would be a plus
  • 有视频制作和编辑技能者优先

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