Stephan Jacobs

5 months ago

My name is Stephan Jacobs and I am a Dutch MSc. student in Industrial Systems Engineering at Skövde University, Sweden. To complete my MSc. I will perform a thesis project of about 2,5 months starting mid February. I have set my focus on performing the project within a company in Shanghai and preferably within a Western originated company. The project should be preferably connected to Industrial Systems Engineering. Topics can be Product Lifecycle Management, System Thinking, Production lines, Project Management.

In my future career I want to be part of the business cooperation between Chinese and Western companies. I believe by the increasing growth of the Chinese economy and an increase in globalization of industries these cooperations have never been more important. By performing my thesis in Shanghai I expect to develop my basic understanding of the cultural differences and create a better knowledge of were each both parties can benefit from each other.

With this I would like to ask you if you could help me to get in contact with someone who could help me to realize such a thesis project placement.

See the resume attached. For more information please contact: