Intern2China Program


We trust this message finds you well. As advocates for fostering stronger ties between Benelux and China, we are excited to introduce a transformative initiative that promises to reshape the landscape of internships for Benelux students in China - the Intern2China Program.




Currently, the process for Benelux students seeking internships in China is laden with complexities, from navigating local university registration to grappling with administrative challenges. Recognizing these hurdles, the Benelux Chamber is working on a groundbreaking partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Public Security, giving rise to the Intern2China Program.


What is Intern2China?

Intern2China is not merely a platform; it's a game-changing endeavour set to streamline the China-internship process for Benelux nationals studying in Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg. This landmark agreement grants internship permits and Z-visas directly to eligible students, eliminating the need for traditional academic partnerships with Chinese universities.

At present, this legal avenue is available to nationals from Germany, France, and Singapore. Through our ongoing collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Public Security, we aspire to extend this opportunity to the Benelux region.


Benelux Intern2China Program Benefits: 




How to Participate in the Development?

We invite your organization to be part of this groundbreaking initiative. Simply click on the link below to take a brief survey and share your insights on the Intern2China Program. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of internships for Benelux students in China.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together!


Are you a company in China and are you interested in learning more on the Intern2China program? Please fill out the survey here before December 20th!


More to come!