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Company introduction 公司简介

We are a well-established insurance broker operating in Asia for 27 years, we have a long experience in our three key markets: Mainland China, Hong-Kong, and Singapore. Being part of one of the largest insurance brokerage groups in China, we are ideally positioned to grow our position in our main business segments such as high-end medical insurance, employee benefits, property, liability, and life insurance. We have a wealth of experience advising high net worth individual clients as well as corporates. We partner with the best insurance companies globally and we provide high quality coverage and services. We are committed to supporting our clients all the way and always represent their best interests. Our values of care, experience, service, integrity, and innovation shape how we work and accomplish our mission: We transform lives I We are committed to Excellence I You can count on us.    
我们是一家在亚洲成立 25 年的领先保险经纪公司。 作为中国最大保险服务集团的其中一员,我们在高端医疗保险这一关键领域处于理想的发展位置。我们在为高净值个人客户和企业提供建议方面拥有丰富的经验。我们与全球最好的保险公司合作并且提供高质量的保险和服务。我们始终致力于支持我们的客户,并使他们的利益最大化。我们的关怀、经验、服务、诚信和创新价值观塑造了我们如何工作和完成我们的使命:我们改变生活 I 我们致力于追求卓越 I我们值得被信赖。


What do we offer? 我们提供什么?

A stable and friendly work environment where you can become part of a fast-paced and fun international team.

Company support for learning and development, promotion opportunities and intragroup mobility

Competitive salary packages with bonuses, medical coverage, annual checkups, and extra annual leaves.





The profiles we are looking for我们正在寻找:

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about serving and helping our customers, whether they are young people with a passion for sales or experienced sales professionals. Energetic, self-motivated, and ambitious candidates are welcome to send us application and a cover letter to explain why you would be a good fit for our company.



Position: Head of Sales – Shanghai Office

职位: 销售总监 - 上海办公室

Job description岗位职责:

  • Assist the general manager in planning and executing the sales strategy. 协助总经理制定和执行销售策略。
  • Propose a strategy to maximize sales efficiency. 提出最优化销售效率的策略。
  • Identify new verticals and promising business sectors where to develop prospects resources. 确定新的垂直领域和前景广阔的商业领域,以开发潜在客户资源。
  • Drive new business growth to achieve set targets, takes responsibility to achieve the new business goal. 推动新业务增长以实现既定的目标,负责实现新业务的目标。
  • Take the leadership of the business development team in place. 担任业务开发(销售)团队的领导。
  • Develop his own prospects and client portfolio to self-contribute to the office’s new business goal. 开发自己的潜在客户和客户资源,为办公室的新业务目标做出贡献。
  • Supervise the work of the business development team, their sales performance, new opportunities pipeline etc. 指导监督业务开发(销售)团队的工作、销售业绩、新业务机会等。
  • Suggest and conduct internal sales training. 建议并实施内部销售培训
  • Within assigned budget, propose to the general manager hiring, promoting, or dismissing team members according to their results and within assigned budget.在预算范围内,根据团队成员的表现,向总经理提出招聘、晋升或解雇团队成员的建议。
  • Involved in the direct negotiation with insurance companies to secure the best business deals. 参与与保险公司的直接谈判,以获得最佳的商业交易。
  • Support the preparation and attend key clients meetings. 支持和参加重要客户会议的准备工作。
  • Maintain frequent client contact ratio to ensure high satisfaction and high renewals retention rate. 保持频繁的客户联系率,确保客户高满意度和高保单续保率。
  • Ensure proper record of sales activities and review regularly with the General Manager. 确保销售活动的正确记录,并定期与总经理进行检查评估。
  • Report directly to the General Manager. 直接向总经理汇报工作。
  • Perform ad hoc project and reports assigned by the General Manager. 执行总经理分配的临时项目和报告。


  • Position based in Shanghai, travels may be required time to time. 工作地点: 上海,根据业务需要可能会安排出差
  • At least 8 years` sales experience, and track record of successful management of a sales team. 具有8年以上保险相关销售经验以及成功的管理销售团队经历
  • Strong business acumen. 具有敏锐的商业头脑
  • In-depth insurance knowledge especially in international health insurance, general insurance, life insurance. 具有丰富保险经验,尤其精通国际健康险方面知识
  • Relevant contacts and connections within our industry 在业内有良好的关系和业务资源
  • Own prospects and client pipeline 拥有潜在客户和客户渠道
  • Chinese native, fluent English spoken and written; other European languages are a plus. 熟练掌握英语口语及书写,掌握普通话、或其他欧洲语言者更佳
  • Proficiency in using MS Outlook, Excel, Word and Power Point. 熟练运用Outlook, Excel, Word and Power Point等办公软件
  • Self-motivated, go getter attitude, able to work under pressure to achieve targets. 具有积极、自我激励的性格,良好的工作态度,较强的抗压精神


Interested parties, please send detailed resume in MS Word version and mentioning your past achievements and expectations by email to: joyce.pei@abacare.com. 有意者,请发送word版详细简历及过往成就至邮箱 joyce.pei@abacare.com.

Personal data provided by job applicants will be used for recruitment purposes only. Should we have not been in contact within two weeks, resumes will be maintained confidentially in the system for future openings within twelve months. 求职者提供的个人资料将仅用于招聘目的。若在两周内我们没有与您联系,简历将保密保存在系统内以便在未来12个月内再次进行筛选。