Intern(ship) Junior Consultant

Wise Wings
9 months ago

**Unlock Your Global Potential: Intern with Wise Wings in the Heart of Shanghai!**


Are you ready to spread your wings and embark on an extraordinary journey in the world of international business consulting? Wise Wings Leadership & Organisation Development Consulting, based in vibrant Shanghai, invites you to join us as an INTERN(SHIP) JUNIOR CONSULTANT. Dive into a world of European Leadership and Organisation Development with a company that boasts 18 years of unrivalled expertise in China's dynamic landscape.


**What is Wise Wings?**

At Wise Wings, we are not just a consulting company; we are the architects of transformation. Our innovative methodology is at the core of everything we do, from Talent & Executive Search to Selection & Assessment/Development Centers, Talent & Leadership Development, and Organisation Development. Our mission is clear: to elevate middle, high, and executive positions in the business growth of Foreign, Joint Venture, and Chinese Companies operating in China.


**Your Passport to Professional Growth: The Role**

As an intern junior-consultant at Wise Wings, you will be introduced to and trained in all our cutting-edge solutions. Your journey will encompass multiple facets of our business, allowing you to chart a dynamic career path with the guidance of the Wise Wings approach:


**Talent Assessment Centers, Testing Competency & Personality:**

Become a role-player and assessor, supporting and interpreting competency and personality testing, and actively participating in candidate assessments.


**Talent & Leadership Development:**

Contribute your creativity by creating training materials, coaching content, programs, and presentations. Join workshops as an assistant facilitator to nurture leadership potential.


**Organisational Development:**

Embark on a research adventure into organizational development methodologies. Support our consultants in program setup and workshops designed to enhance businesses.



**Talent Search and Recruitment:**

Become a researcher in the recruitment market, evaluating both Chinese and foreign candidates, and gaining valuable insights into the global talent pool.


**Company & Project Administration/Finance:**

Assume responsibilities in company administration and basic accounting tasks, contributing to efficient project documentation and follow-up.



Take the lead or support as an event-coordinator in organizing Wise Wings events, ensuring seamless participant engagement and follow-up.


**Business Development & Sales:**

Harness your skills to support and lead business development, sales activities, and networking events. Join meetings with prospects, clients, and industry associations.


**Your Profile: Ready to Take Flight**

- Self-motivated and positively charged.

- Fluent in English and preferably in Mandarin. (Additional languages are a bonus!)

- Bachelor's or Master's degree candidate (Fields: Psychology, HR, Marketing, Business, Design, English).**

- Proficient in creating bilingual content and designing documents, presentations, flyers, and Apps.

- Flexible, capable of thriving under challenging deadlines, a dedicated team player, and results-driven.

- Possess excellent interpersonal skills, adept at dealing with candidates, colleagues, and clients.

- Fuel your work with passion and the inner drive to create excellence for all.

- Curious, open-minded, and eager to embrace the Wise Wings methodology—we're here to guide you!


**Ready to Soar with Us?**

If you're inspired and ready to align with our profile, we invite you to send your English CV along with a motivational letter to Join Wise Wings and let your international business journey take flight!

Shanghai, China.