Senior Policy Assistant Infrastructure and Water Management

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai
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Basic Details

Job Title

Senior Policy Assistant Infrastructure and Water Management


Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai

Job Level 8
Numbers of Hours 40 hours/week

between CNY 25071 ~ 37607 /month (depending on relevant work experience)


  • The Senior Policy Assistant is primarily responsible for -independently- supporting the Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) Counsellor on policy affairs, ministerial related and business-related issues. The subjects concern all responsibilities of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW): transport, infrastructure, water management and environmental affairs.

  • The IenW Counsellor, based at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing, will operate as overall manager for the Senior Policy Assistant.

  • In order to efficiently implement tasks, the Senior Policy Assistant is also responsible to - independently- support the Head of the Economic Affairs Department of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai on above mentioned subjects.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant supports the IenW Counsellor in the contacts with the Netherlands Ministry of IenW.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant maintains a good insight in local political-administrative relationships.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant maintains contacts with the Chinese governmental and local authorities, and also functions as an intermediary between those authorities and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant maintains good contacts with relevant Dutch and Chinese companies to effectively fulfill the job.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant independently analyzes all relevant developments related to business opportunities for the IenW sectors.

Result Areas

Activities of the Senior Policy Assistant involve governmental and policy support, with the aim of facilitating business opportunities for Dutch companies and organisations.

The Senior Policy Assistant coordinates the following activities:

  • Gathering general information on related government policies for the IenW sectors,

    market trends and statistics (through network, ICT, news media).

  • Interpreting and analyzing this information on its importance for IenW policymakers and

    Dutch IenW related businesses for establishing strategic partnerships or new (market)


  • Establishing and maintaining an adequate professional network with governmental

    authorities, academic networks, IenW related businesses, interests groups and civil


  • Writing reports and fact sheets.

  • Interpreting local legislation and regulations in relation to (Dutch) imports of goods or


  • Supporting Dutch IenW policymakers and IenW related business by providing relevant

    information (see above); (assisting in) organising policy exchange events, round tables

    and seminars, connect Dutch (business) parties with local partners and local authorities.

  • Acting as trouble-shooter in governmental (and commercial) disputes.


  • Bridging the cultural (and language) differences to the IenW Counsellor and other team members, as well as the Dutch authorities by: translating/ interpreting/ communicating the cultural differences; supporting the IenW Counsellor at bilateral meetings and negotiations.

  • Preparing (substance, logistics, audience) visits/ field trips of Dutch authorities and/or the IenW Counsellor within China and accompanying these visits if required.

  • Acting as a service contact point for Dutch authorities and IenW related businesses.

  • (Re)presenting IenW at professional occasions.

  • Providing information and carrying out public relations activities concerning IenW-issues

    in order to enhance the image of IenW.

Duties related to the Tasks

  • Contributing to the intention, idea, organization and implementing of governmental working visits.

  • Contributing to other formal missions, within the tasks of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai.

  • Analyzing and answering questions by letter, telephone and e-mail.

  • Keeping abreast of ministerial policy and topics on which information is frequently


  • Monitoring and analyzing relevant trends, developments from different news media,

    seminars, meetings, etc.

  • Contributing to trade inquiries, market scans, sector reports, etc. focused on business


  • Contributing to projects events co-organized with other China network members.

  • Taking care of (consecutive) translating in high level meetings and concerning written communication if necessary.


  • With Chinese government officials, institutions and companies to analyze information needs and provide information on policy matters.

  • With experts, to request additional information on policy matters and make proposals concerning public information.

  • With colleagues within the government network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China

  • With contacts at the Ministry of IenW.


  • The Senior Policy Assistant should exclusively have the Chinese nationality.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant is willing to travel within China and abroad, to the


  • At least five years professional working experience.

  • The Senior Policy Assistant is (to become) familiar with Dutch sector and trade policy.

  • Solid understanding of the governmental context within China, in particular of

    institutional issues related to the fields of IenW.

  • Knowledge of China’s policies, legislation, organizational structure and IenW related

    business environment.

  • Adequate network in these fields or able to establish this in relatively short time.

  • Familiar with and knowledge of the Dutch culture, conventions and customs (and

    respecting these).

  • Loyal to Dutch interests, both official and commercial.

  • Reading or speaking ability of the Dutch language will be an advantage.

  • Good communicative skills.


  • Ability to work independently on a project and within a team.

  • Competence in planning and organizing.

  • Pro-active attitude, being able to take initiatives.

  • Business minded, problem solving skills.

  • Diplomatic approach.

  • External oriented.

  • Customer friendly and cooperative.

  • An effective networker.

  • Result oriented.

  • An analytical mind.

Level of Education

  • A higher professional academic level relating to IenW’s portfolio will be preferable.

  • University level education.

  • Excellent verbal and written command of the Mandarin and English languages; ability to

    translate (consecutive interpretation) at high (technical) level.

  • Necessary computer skills: MS-Windows, -Word, -PowerPoint and -Excel.

Work Environment

Purpose of the China network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is maintaining diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and representation of the Netherlands in order to strengthen the international position in the relevant fields through policy support and development, and to promote and support commerce and bilateral/ multilateral cooperation.

The Netherlands Ambassador in Beijing, as head of the China network, holds final responsibility for the activities employed by the China network. The China network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is made up of the Embassy in Beijing, Consulates General in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hong Kong and Netherlands Business Support Offices in Chengdu, Dalian, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen and Wuhan.

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