Sourcing and Quality Control Coordinator

Scale Roads B.V.
Full Time
10 months ago

Are you a dynamic and motivated professional with a passion for sourcing excellence and quality control? If you're a young worker with a few years of experience under your belt and eager to take your career to the next level, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Join us as a Sourcing and Quality Control Coordinator at Scale Roads, where you'll play a vital role in ensuring the procurement of top-quality products and services.

您是一个充满活力、积极进取、热衷于采购和质量控制的专业人士吗?如果您是一位工作经验 丰富的年轻员工,并渴望将自己的职业生涯提升到一个新的高度,我们将为您提供一个令人 兴奋的机会。加入我们,成为 Scale Roads 的采购和质量控制协调员,您将在确保采购高质量 产品和服务方面发挥重要作用。



  • Collaborate daily with cross-functional teams to define and gather procurement needs.

  • Lead the sourcing process by identifying suppliers, collecting product/service details, and obtaining quotes.

  • Evaluate supplier capabilities, negotiate contracts, and secure favorable terms.

  • Foster strong relationships with suppliers and monitor their performance through evaluations.

  • Utilize procurement software and tools to streamline processes and maintain precise records.

  • Conduct rigorous quality control assessments at sourced factories, involving travel to factory locations.

  • Stay abreast of industry trends and best practices to enhance sourcing and quality control strategies.


  • A minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience in sourcing, procurement, or quality control.

  • A solid grasp of procurement fundamentals, sourcing strategies, and supplier management.

  • Proven negotiation skills with the ability to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Exceptional communication skills for effective collaboration with internal teams and suppliers.

  • Proficiency in using procurement software and the MS Office suite.

  • Strong attention to detail and superb organizational abilities.

  • Eagerness to travel to factory locations for quality control assessments.

  • Native in Mandarin and fluent in written English.

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field or equivalent practical experience.


  • Convenient working office located in downtown Shanghai.

  • Flexible working hours to accommodate travel schedules.

  • Competitive fixed salary and performance bonus.

  • Opportunities for career growth and development.

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals.

  • Engaging team-building activities and events.


Join our dynamic team and let your expertise in sourcing and quality control shine. This role offers the chance to refine your skills, contribute to impactful projects, and significantly influence our organization's success.

If you're passionate about optimizing procurement processes, dedicated to maintaining quality standards, excited to travel, and ready to flourish in a fast-paced environment, we encourage you to apply today.

To apply, please submit your updated resume along with a brief cover letter showcasing your relevant experience and explaining why you're the perfect fit for this role.

Send your application to Put in the subject line the job description.

About Scale Roads

Scale Roads is a fast growing, Dutch trading company based in Shanghai and The Netherlands. We provide procurement services for European companies in China. Sourcing, negotiations, sampling, quality control and logistics are a few components we help our customers with. Our goal is to give our customers a flawless purchasing experience and help them with each step.


  • 每天与跨职能团队合作,确定并收集采购需求。
  • 通过确定供应商、收集产品/服务详细信息和获取报价来领导采购流程。
  • 评估供应商能力、谈判合同并确保有利条件。
  • 与供应商建立稳固的关系,并通过评估监控供应商的表现。
  • 利用采购软件和工具简化流程并保持精确记录。
  • 对采购工厂进行严格的质量控制评估,包括前往工厂所在地考察。
  • 紧跟行业趋势和最佳实践,加强采购和质量控制策略。


  • 至少 2 年的采购或质量控制实践经验。
  • 扎实掌握采购基础知识、采购策略和供应商管理。
  • 成熟的谈判技巧,能够实现互惠互利的结果。
  • 出色的沟通技能,能与内部团队和供应商有效合作。
  • 熟练使用采购软件和 MS Office 套件。
  • 注重细节,具有出色的组织能力。
  • 愿意出差到工厂进行质量控制评估。
  • 普通话流利,英语书写流利。
  • 相关专业的学士学位或同等的实践经验。


  • 工作地点位于上海市中心,交通便利。
  • 灵活的工作时间,以适应出差安排。
  • 具有竞争力的固定工资和绩效奖金。
  • 职业成长和发展机会。
  • 与业内专业人士交流的机会。
  • 富有吸引力的团队建设活动。

加入我们充满活力的团队,发挥您在采购和质量控制方面的专长。这个职位为您提供了完善 技能、参与有影响力的项目并对公司成功产生重大影响的机会。

如果您对优化采购流程充满热情,致力于维护质量标准,乐于出差,并准备在快节奏的环境中 蓬勃发展,这将是您最佳的申请机会。

申请时,请提交您最新的英文简历,并附上动机信,介绍您的相关经验,说明您为什么是这个 职位的最佳人选。

请将您的申请发送至。请在主题栏注明职位描述。如果只有中文简 历将不会被查阅。

关于 Scale Roads

Scale Roads 是一家快速发展的荷兰贸易公司,办公室设在上海和荷兰。我们在中国为欧洲 公司提供采购服务。采购、谈判、取样、质量控制和物流是我们帮助客户的几个关键环节。 我们的目标是为客户提供完美的采购体验,帮助他们完成每一个步骤。


Spaces Base Fuxing – 569 South Xizang Road, Shanghai