Agio Group and Wuxi Forge Global Innovation with Novas Center in Belgium

Author: Benelux Chamber Shanghai


Agio Group celebrated its strategic cooperation with the city of Wuxi with the opening of the Novas Innovation Center in Belgium. This is the second Innovation Center both parties have set up, one in Wuxi and one in Antwerp.

Agio Group and the Vice Governor of Antwerp Luc Lemmens, welcomed the big Wuxi delegation of 20 people, headed by Mayor Zhao, in Antwerp. Besides the presence of 15 companies, among which Fagron, Van Moer Logistics, HB Diamond and Greenyard, three Memoranda of Understanding were signed between the Novas Innovation Center, and the companies Swiftpharma, Howden Maintenance Partners and Granstudio.

Besides the launch of the Novas Innovation Center, in the beginning of this year Agio Group has set up Novas Ventures, an operational investment company which invests in the China operations of foreign companies. Novas Ventures has strong operational experience in China, and as such can provide capital and operational support to help companies grow faster in China.

Agio and Wuxi intend to build an even stronger cooperation in the future, as both parties see a strong win-win and new model of cooperation. 


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