Cash Repatriation and Funding Solutions for WOFEs in China

Author: BenCham Shanghai

For multinational corporations operating in China, repatriating cash from their subsidiaries has always been an important but challenging issue. China maintains a strict system of foreign exchange controls, meaning funds flowing into and out of China are tightly regulated.

The Benelux Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai invites PwC and the Bank of Shanghai for an exclusive breakfast seminar to discuss both funding opportunities as well as cash repatriation methods for foreign enterprises.

Beacky Jiang, Senior Tax Manager at PwC, will go into detail on the latest updates regarding cash repatriation: what is the current situation, background and different way to do cash repatriation. In addition, the pro and cons from a tax and forex control perspective will be assessed.

With funding flows in and out of China tightly regulated, Maggie Zhang, Senior Deputy Supervisor at the Bank of Shanghai, will elaborate on the different funding solutions for WOFEs in China – from parent company funding to bank loans.

Which kinds of funding will benefit the development of a WOFE? And what are the latest calculation methods related equity of the WOFE?

Join us on September 23rd, 2020, at the Paramount Gallery Hotel for an insightful and exclusive breakfast seminar. Limited seating available.

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