EU-China Sourcing: the facts in 2023

Author: BenCham Shanghai

On August 30th, the Benelux Chamber, in collaboration with ARC Consulting and with the support from Randstad, Moov Logistics, Duvel Moortgat (Vedett) and Halve Maan Brewery, organized the "2023 EU-China Survey Report Presentation". 

Celebrating a decade of insightful surveys, ARC explored global sourcing perceptions at the distinguished venue. The focus this year was on China's resilient sourcing revival post-turbulent years, juxtaposed with Europe and Southeast Asia's alluring draw. Attendees delved into the survey's forward-looking indicators, unveiling strategic trends amidst "War disruptions" and post-pandemic trade dynamics. Discourse ranged from diversifying supply chains to sustainable sourcing, answering burning questions about navigating evolving landscapes. As ARC's event fostered knowledge exchange, participants envisioned holistic approaches for sustainable brand growth in an ever-changing world.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

Event pictures can be found below.