Kick-off of the Best of BenCham 2018

Author: BenCham Shanghai

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BenCham Shanghai is proud to present the 7th edition of Best of BenCham will take place on Thursday, November 22, 2018. The Best of BenCham Awards Ceremony is a great opportunity for your company to be recognized for its outstanding performances and achievements in one or two award categories!


Two Awards to win at the Best of BenCham 2018


The KBC Best Company Award acknowledges outstanding companies which have shown that they have achieved outstanding performances in their industry. 

Da Wo

The Da Wo Best Team Award recognizes a team which has accomplished outstanding achievements through distinctive teamwork.


How to run for an award?

Send us the following 4 slides:

3 slides to convince us that you meet the criteria for the award of your choice

1 slide with company information:

  • Company name, website & introduction

  • Number of employees worldwide and in China

  • Number of years established in China

  • Contact information of the 2 colleagues that will be our POC

Send in your application before 14th of October to to run for an award.


荷比卢商会上海分会很荣幸宣布第七届Best of BenCham 颁奖晚会将于11月22日周四举行。Best of BenCham 颁奖典礼将是对您的公司所作出的杰出成就给予认同的最佳机会。

Best of BenCham 2018 颁奖典礼设置两个奖项




Da Wo







  • 公司名,网站及简介

  • 全球雇员及在华雇员数量

  • 在华成立年数

  • 贵司两位联系人联系方式