Maars Living Walls opens Shanghai showroom!

Author: Benelux Chamber Shanghai

Opening Ceremony

Maars Living Walls is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of high-quality modular walls and partition systems. They provide innovative solutions for creating flexible spaces within various commercial and office environments. Maars Living Walls offers a range of products that enable organizations to customize their interior spaces to meet specific needs. These products include movable walls, glass walls, soundproof partitions, and acoustic solutions. Their modular wall systems are designed to be flexible, allowing for easy reconfiguration and adaptation as the needs of the space change over time.

The company focuses on delivering aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions, incorporating advanced technology and sustainable materials into their designs. Their walls are known for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and ability to enhance acoustics and privacy within a workspace.


On May 9, Maars Living Walls held a successful opening ceremony and new product launch for its Shanghai showroom. The event showcased Maars' latest product, M923, which breaks away from traditional concepts of walls and creates a sense of privacy, security, and personalized space in open office spaces. As a leading global brand with a 77-year history, the new Maars showroom in Shanghai is committed to environmental protection, and it has received both the rare C2C certification and the highest platinum certification from WELL this time. 

During the ceremony, the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai, Mrs. Marjo Crompvoets, and Maars' Global CEO, Mr. Menno de Vries, delivered opening and congratulatory speeches. the Benelux Chamber of Commerce's board member, Mrs. Lucy Lei, and the Chamber’s executive team and representatives from well-known brands and designers in the architectural industry attended the event as well.  

The Benelux Chamber is proud to have Maars as a new member and part of our Benelux community. We look forward to Maars' continued commitment to environmental protection and active involvement in our Design & Construction practice group. Congratulations again on the successful opening ceremony and new product launch!