Shanxi Jinzhong Vocational Education Forum

Author: BenCham Shanghai

On June 27, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce was happy to attend the International Perspective for Talents with Applied Technical Skills - Shanxi Jinzhong Vocational Education Forum. This forum took place in the content of the 50 year diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands. From the Chamber, our Board Member Ian Bennink and Deputy General Manager Saar Leroy joined.

Our members Zhu Dan from ECRA did a keynote speech on how the high-quality development of China's economy and industry calls for technical and skilled talents with international vision and localized practice. Our member Fulco Wijdooge from Ridder shared a speech on how to upgrade the industrialization of agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry through modern facilities.

We look forward to continue the cooperation with Jinzhong.