Taste of the Netherlands: Shanghai Edition

Author: Benelux Chamber Shanghai


Dedicated to fostering inclusivity, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly embraces and uplifts Benelux entrepreneurs in captivating Shanghai. Exciting news! Just recently, a dynamic Dutch entrepreneur a delightful Stroopwaffle bakery, named after her son: "Levi's Stroopwaffles." This typical Dutch snack can now be found in the middle of Shanghai, where Chelsea and her family have opened their first flagship store.


A stroopwaffle (or ‘stroopwafel’) is one of the Netherlands’ most famous snacks. Stroopwaffles consists of two thin, crispy waffles that are filled with a special caramel syrup and glued together. At markets in the Netherlands, the stroopwaffles are freshly baked. While the caramel taste best when served hot, you have to be careful not to burn your tongue!

Ancient History

Dutch stroopwafels or syrup waffles are unique Dutch biscuits that have been eaten in Holland for centuries. The history of this delicacy dates to 1784. Gouda (a city in the Netherlands) bakers made waffles out of old breadcrumbs and spices and filled them with syrup. 

Made from leftovers, the stroopwaffle was a popular pastry among the poor at the time and was known only in Gouda. Now every Gouda bakery has its own recipe for this delicious, sweet waffle, including Chelsea and her family.



"Do you still eat waffles, Chelsea?"

A couple of years ago, I started baking stroopwafels for my son’s birthday parties”, says Chelsea. “The other parents really loved it and asked whether I could make more from time to time. This year, I finally took the step to set up my own bakery in Shanghai, which was only possible through the support and help of my friends and family.”




We asked her whether she could share her recipe with the Chamber community, but smiled and said: “Well, we do add a couple family secret ingredients into our pastry… The only thing I can share is that people shouldn’t use baking soda, but should turn to yeast instead. And yes, we still love to eat stroopwafels nearly every day!” 


Chelsea 3



Levi’s Stroopwaffles is currently opened from Monday to Friday, from 11:30am to 8pm, and can be found here: 
Levi's Stroopwaffles 
72-2 Jurong Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Orders for parties and other events can be discussed directly with Chelsea.
The miniprogram is under construction and will be launched soon for China wide ordering.
WeChat ID: Chelsje