Upcoming Art Exhibitions Worth the Wait in September - October

Author: Benelux Chamber Shanghai

In order to also stay up-to-date on the latest cultural events in Shanghai, our member MLS Advertising Co., Ltd. is co-organizing various art exhibitions in Shanghai. 

Feeling artsy yet?



Daydream —— The Wonderful World of the Naive Painters

Exhibition Date: August 1,2023 - November 12,2023

Location: Shanghai JiuShi Art Museum

(6F, No.27, East Zhongshan No.1 Road,Huangpu District, Shanghai)

Introduction: This exhibition starts from the creative perspective and themes of 9 artists, and is divided into five sections: "Sunday tables" of still life painting, "The Life of Others", "The Enchanted City" of landscape, "The Garden’s Dream" of flowers, and "Lively Nature". Combined with the theme of each section, the audience can feel the pure artistic conception of naive art and understand the development background of it, as well as its artistic value in the context of naive and childlike painting.

More info: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/eQsaUsfkKI4c4JfqI5U0iw





Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition: Line

Exhibition Date: July 15,2023 - October 8,2023

Location: Shanghai 3723 Art Museum (2F Gala Mall, No.66 Yincheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Introduction: The exhibition invited 10 well-known contemporary artists to participate in the exhibition, showcasing a total of 25 artworks around LINE as the theme. The form of creation includes paintings, installation, sculpture and new media digital art. The exhibition starts from two different "lines" of the development of eastern and western cultures, with the most basic visual element "line" in the form of artistic expression as the core; discusses the application of different materials, the influence of different historical and cultural backgrounds on the creative concept, and finally a cultural aesthetic consensus reached after continuous exploration and practice. In Eastern traditional art, the use of calligraphic lines aims to "depict the spirit through form," pursuing a state of "unity of form and spirit" that harmonizes the expressive form with the inner spiritual world. On the other hand, Western artists, who consistently pursue aesthetic form and external power, tend to use lines in a more rational manner to enhance the realism and strengthen the form in their works. In the current context of cultural exchange and fusion in art creation across different cultural backgrounds, contemporary artists are rethinking and interpreting their understanding of "lines" and the perception of "using lines as clues" in their own unique ways.

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