Why cross-cultural clarity leads to stories of success

Author: BenCham Shanghai


In a vibrant exchange of expertise and business collaboration, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai embarked on a visit to the renowned VDL Enabling Technologies Group in Suzhou last Tuesday. This exciting rendezvous facilitated a cross-cultural exploration of innovation, manufacturing, and technological advancements, proof of the dynamic cooperation between China and the Benelux region.Content

A Fusion of Expertise and Innovation

Suzhou, a city renowned for its industrial prowess and technological advancements, played host to the delegation from the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. The visit aimed to deepen the understanding of VDL Enabling Technologies Group's cutting-edge solutions and see the result of a successful partnership between Chinese-based and Benelux companies. The collaboration between the Chamber and VDL Enabling Technologies Group perfectly embodied the essence of international business, where knowledge exchange and collaboration transcend borders to drive innovation.

A Technological Powerhouse 

VDL Enabling Technologies Group, a leading player in high-tech production and system integration, boasts an impressive portfolio of technological solutions across various sectors. The company's expertise spans fields such as semiconductor equipment, solar equipment, automotive industry, and medical devices. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, VDL Enabling Technologies Group aligns perfectly with the goals and aspirations of the Benelux business community.

VDL Enabling Technologies Group has a rich and storied history that spans several decades. Founded in 1949, the company has evolved and grown into a prominent player in the high-tech production and system integration industry.

The origins of VDL Enabling Technologies Group can be traced back to the Dutch automotive industry. The company initially started as a small manufacturer of metal products, providing components to the automotive sector. Over time, VDL Enabling Technologies Group expanded its capabilities and diversified its product offerings, venturing into various sectors such as semiconductor equipment, solar equipment, automotive industry, and medical devices.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A Recipe for Success

The visit by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce to VDL Enabling Technologies Group epitomized the power of cross-cultural collaboration. Sharing knowledge and expertise between China and the Benelux region paves the way for mutually beneficial business partnerships. Through such exchanges, companies gain insights into different markets, technologies, and approaches, which can inspire innovative ideas and lead to remarkable advancements in various industries. We hope to see more of these successful examples in the near future.